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Unfortunately this blog site does not support commenting as I am too lazy. So if anyone has anything to discuss regarding the posts and the site, feel free to reach me via the social links at the bottom of every page.

What Do I Do

I am a Debian Developer. More infomation can be found at my wiki page.

I also work on the following projects:

History of This Site

I had never been maintaining a blog of my own before. I started this blog as promised to my Google Summer of Code mentor back in 2015 that I will start a blog and post my progress there publicly.

When I fisrt started this blog I chose LogDown. This was a very cool platform made in Taiwan that lets you blog in Markdown. And most importantly, it offered a free plan! However, probably just because of this, the platform someday started to show errors like missing logo on the site, and there never was new features comming up. What was worse, there seemed to be no one answering my questions through that (probably fake) customer service chat. So, I gave up. Maybe oneday this company just vanishes.

So where should I go from here? I’ve got a domain (for my personal project), and there are loads of Markdown blogging engine that generates static sites, why not simply put them on AWS S3? Great idea. Unfortunately, for half a week I have been unable to finish up the stupid account verification, so I have to give up. Besides, hosting static websites on cloud object storage seems to be incompatible with a HTTPS custom domain. Therefore, I eventually chose GitHub Pages. It’s free (costless), and the URL is nice and short, it’ll do.

I ended up using Hugo, a new static site generator written in Go. As far as I have used it, I like it. Hope this project keeps doing great job. 🤔

Hugo had been serving me well, but unfortunately I later switched to use Hexo. In fact, both projects are awesome, but I’m simply not a fan of Go, so… 😕